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Newspaper or a compostable dog poop bag? Which is the best option? Are all organic poop bags really biodegradable? Discover the answers here!


Join us as we dive into the surprisingly intriguing world of composting dog poop. It's a topic that might raise a few eyebrows, but it's packed with potential for our planet's health. Is Fido's waste a composting no-go, or a green thumbs-up? We're about to unravel this eco-mystery with a dash of humor and heaps of insight. Get ready to turn the 'yuck' into 'yay' for our Earth's sake! 


The Kylie Bee compared and reviewed different bag options for dog poop bags, including Give a Sh!t. After discussing why it is a good idea to use plastic-free bags, Kylie took it upon herself to thoroughly review each one. Check out these tips for a dog owner!