Our Ambassadors

Colby Jack


CJ (short for Colby Jack) 2-year-old f1b Goldendoodle living his best life in Chicago

Ringo and Reba


Ringo and Reba are Pembroke Welsh Corgis who love to hike and explore! We always carry our G.A.S. gear when we go for walks, road trips and adventures. At home, we enjoy spending time with our chickens, fetching in the yard, and sunbathing on the deck.

Tucker, Pearl and Felicia


My name is Felicia and I come from a family who enjoys camping and traveling around to new places. Tucker and Pearl both join in on quite the adventures we go on. Stay up-to-date on our adventures on Instagram @raising_.tucker We can't wait to show you what we have planned for 2022.



This is Rosie @ourpugrosie. She will capture your heart 🖤 and soul. A pug with a tongue 😝 that loves to dress up and also likes to make you laugh. Follow her life, you will enjoy.



Winston is a 6-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He lives in Oregon with his pawrents and fursister Donut (she’s a 4-year-old Australian Shepherd). He loves going for walks, hikes and adventures as well as cuddles and naps. His favorite treat is broccoli and favorite toy is any ball with a good squeaker. His account is @winstonthewigglebutt.corgi.



Toby is a Corgi from the Cleveland, OH area. He is playful and goofy by day and stays searching for snacks by night. He loves to hike and jump the waves at the beach, but is not a fan of the bath time that comes after. Toby never stops putting smiles on faces!



Sasha is a 6-year-old Pomeranian with a huge personality! She is a rescue from Korea (Korean Paws Rescue) where she was abandoned by her previous owners. Sasha is very affectionate, intelligent, silly and very feisty!!



Olly is a 3 years old Bernese Mountain Dog. He loves going on walks more than anything else in this world. He also loves chasing squirrels, peanut butter and rolling and is convinced he is a lap dog.



Hi, my name is Bodhi! But the humans call me 'Booboo'. I live in the Netherlands. I'm always in the mood for snacks, a nap & a big walk in the forest. Oh and food of course, I love food! I love attention and cuddles.



This is Ozzy, he’s a french bulldog, born on the 19th of May. He loves going on adventures, especially with his bestie Bella. He is toy obsessed, loves anything that squeaks and his favourite snack is cheese. If you visit our account you’ll find plenty of cute pictures of Ozzy, sharing his adventures and products he loves with his followers ❤️



Darrel is a supermutt rescue with a lot of tricks up his sleeve, both literally and figuratively. Hailey and Darrel have learned over 100 tricks together, with Darrel being certified as an American Kennel Club Performer-level trick dog. He is an office dog by day, and skateboarder by night.



Lyla is a three-year-old rescue mix with a passion for fashion and adventure. Her favorite activities are running on the beach, getting attention from anyone and everyone, and eating snacks.

Jenny, Socke and Cyra


My name is Jenny, and I am the mistress of the two Turkish adopted dogs, Socke and Cyra. I am in the animal protection association myself and adopt dogs and cats from Turkey. We live in Dortmund and of course you have to pick up every dog ​​droppings here in the city. Since I live very sustainably and environmentally conscious, I think the poop bags from Give a Shit are very good. Socke and Cyra came to me as very insecure because they lived in the shelter for a long time. On our account we report on the many advances, but also difficulties that the two have.



Hi! I'm Saber, a funny German Shepherd who is in training. I like playing, running and driving my dogmom crazy with love. Follow me to discover my day to day. Of course, I warn you that you will not be able to avoid falling in love with me! My creative photos will blow your mind!

Blue and Jimmy


We are Blue & Jimmy, two bright bully brothers from Bavaria. We love to go hiking with our two-legged friends and, also, to enjoy the sun in the garden with a delicious snack.



Hi, I'm Elvis, and I'm a brand ambassador for Give a Sh!t 😀
I love being on Instagram with my mum Denise, and I'm totally convinced of the quality of these dog waste bags. We are happy to have such a reliable partner like Give a Sh!t by our side on our daily adventures.
Feel free to take a look at my page and accompany me and my two-legged friends in our everyday life. There are often great ideas to imitate!
Your Elvis



Hi - this is Ittybittylouie. I may be small but have a huge personality and express myself through fashion! I’m so excited to partner with Give a Shit! I am all about protecting the world 🌎 we live in, so let’s all do our small part and only purchase biodegradable poopie bags! ❤️



Hey I’m Fern, the patterdale puppy.
I live with my family in the north east of England and love to get up to a good bit of mischief! Our instagram account is run by my humum Charlotte, we love supporting small businesses.
Maple & Willow are my feline sisters and I’ll let you in on a little secret! The poop bags are fab for cleaning the litter tray too!
Tennis balls and rocks are a firm fave of mine, I mean….. what’s not to love?! My humum loves sunshine and sunflowers and taking me on adventures!

My humans are always trying to look for the best ways to be eco friendly and we have absolutely loved discovering give a sh!t pet products!