The Best Dog Poop Bag Alternative: Pick The Perfect Doggie Bags For You!

Which is the best dog poop bag alternative

Updated on February 28, 2023

Attention dog owners, it's time to talk about everyone's least favorite topic: dog poop. We all know that picking up after our furry friends is a necessary and responsible part of pet ownership. But let's be real, the sheer number of plastic bags used to dispose of dog waste is enough to make even the most environmentally conscious among us cringe. So, what's the solution? Are biodegradable or compostable bags the way to go? Or should we opt for a more old-fashioned approach like using newspaper or a trusty waste scoop?

Today, we're going to explore the options and find the best dog poop bag alternative on the market.

Get ready to say goodbye to plastic bags and hello to a cleaner, greener way of picking up after your pooch!

Which Dog Poop Bag Alternative Is The Best?

Few things are more common today than plastic. This material is present in toys, tablecloths, plates, glasses, and cutlery, and of course in bags. However, just because this material is common does not mean it is good for the environment.

Hopefully, you pick up your dog poop. If you need help with that, we got you covered by our 100% Home Compostable Dog Poop Bags.

Did you know that plastic objects can take up to 400 years to decompose in landfills? Some plastic bags take less time to dispose of, although 10 or 20 years still seems too long. Of course, it will depend on each kind of bag, as some take longer.

If you want to protect your good environment, the time has come to look for dog poop bags alternative.

Best dog poop alternative infographic

1. Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

Surely, your first thought when talking about an alternative dog poop bag is to buy biodegradable bags. The name sounds good, and the marketing makes it sound even better, but are they really that good?

The reality is that true biodegradable bags should be 100% natural. If they are not, arguably they are better than plastic bags, but not the alternative to dog poop bags that you are looking for. While traditional bags can take 10, 20, and up to 100 years to degrade, biodegradable bags usually do so within 1 to 4 years.

However, among its ingredients, which are mostly natural, there may be petroleum derivatives. Likewise, this kind of bag usually contains a chemical called EPI, or microorganisms such as fungi, algae, or bacteria, which accelerate the breakdown process. Thus, the bag breaks down faster than it should because it contains plastic, but it does so in such small portions that cleaning the area is difficult.

2. Compostable Dog Poop Bags

Compostable dog poop bags are, in turn, biodegradable. Basically, the difference is that they are made with 100% natural ingredients and, therefore, can be included in the compost. Of course, remember that dog poop compost cannot be used for edible plants. You can read more about it in our post.

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As you can guess, compostable dog waste bags respond to quality standards that ensure their breakdown in a predetermined time.

In the case of Give a Shit dog feces bags, the breakdown process begins after 90 days and the material degrades without leaving visible or distinguishable toxic residues.

3. Dog Waste Scoop

Have you ever thought about buying a dog waste scoop? It can be the perfect solution for picking up dog poop from your garden and tossing it directly into your dog poop compost bin.

However, it may not be the most practical option to carry when you go out for a walk, as its size and weight can be uncomfortable.

Are you still using plastic bags to pick up your dog's poop? These take around 50 years to degrade. 

4. Newspaper

Many people opt for a newspaper to collect dog waste and, the truth is, it is a valid option, although it can be a bit nasty at times. If your dog's poop is small, this option can be quite good. After all, under average conditions, the paper takes approximately 2–6 weeks to decompose.

In short, you have options to choose from that are comfortable and good for the planet. Forget about plastic bags and choose an alternative paper dog poop bag or 100% natural and compostable, like our bags that have maintained an excellent rating on Amazon for the last 2 years.


Which is the best dog poop bag alternative? Learn to choose your doggie bags! 

What Is The Most Environmentally Friendly Way To Dispose Of Dog Poop?

Picking up dog poop is a necessary and responsible part of pet ownership, but the sheer number of plastic bags used to do so can be cringe-worthy. Luckily, there are dog poop bag alternatives that help reduce waste - such as biodegradable or compostable bags, using newspaper, or opting for a trusty waste scoop. Depending on your needs, you can easily find an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution that works best for you and your pup. With so many dog poop bag options available, it's easy to make the green choice!

Can I Use Grocery Bags For Dog Poop? 

While it can seem like a convenient and budget-friendly option, grocery bags are not designed to handle dog waste - which makes them an unreliable alternative. Not only that, but they typically aren't made with recycled material or environmentally friendly components.

For these reasons, we recommend steering clear of grocery bags when picking up after your pup and opting instead for biodegradable or compostable dog poop bags. Doing so is a great way to ensure you're doing your part in reducing plastic waste! It's also important to note that some cities don’t allow dog owners to use plastic grocery bags for dog poop disposal. So make sure to check the laws in your area before making the switch!

Is There An Alternative To Picking Up Dog Poop?

Unfortunately, there is no real alternative to picking up dog poop. While you can use a waste scoop to cut down on the number of dog poop bags you need, at the end of the day it's still a necessary part of pet ownership. Luckily, with so many dog poop bag options available - from biodegradable and compostable alternatives to newspaper - it's easy to make the green choice when disposing of dog waste! So don't worry, you can help reduce plastic waste and still keep your pup happy and healthy. Here's to reducing our dog waste footprint!

What Type Of Dog Poop Bag Should I Buy?

The type of dog poop bag you should buy will ultimately depend on your individual needs and preferences. Generally speaking, dog owners should look for bags that are compostable to help reduce their dog waste footprint.

These types of bags are usually made with recycled material and have a much smaller environmental impact than traditional plastic dog poop bags. You might also consider using newspaper or a waste scoop as an alternative - again, it really comes down to what works best for you! Whichever option you choose, make sure to check the laws in your area before making the switch. Happy picking up!

Is Dog Poop Bad For The Environment?

Yes, dog poop can be bad for the environment if it's not disposed of properly. It contains bacteria, parasites, and other pollutants that can contaminate soil and water. 



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