Dog Movies: 10 Best Dog Films Of The Story!

10 best movies for dog lovers

Updated on November 30, 2023

The weekend is approaching, and you have no idea which film to enjoy as a family? Don't worry because we have chosen the 10 best dog movies for a pup lover. Are you ready?

Our Top 10 Dog Movies

  • The art of racing in the rain 🏎️
  • Marley and me 🐶
  • Turner and Hooch 😂
  • Beethoven 🎼
  • Lady and the Trump 🐩 ❤️ 🐕
  • Frankenwinnie 👾
  • Bolt 🦸‍♂️
  • A dog's purpose 💌
  • A dog's journey 🐕‍🦺
  • K9 👮🏿‍♂️

1. The Art Of Racing In The Rain

We started our list of the best dog movies for a dog lover with the newest: The art of racing in the rain. If you didn't see it, don't miss it.

It is a story full of love, fun and, also, sadness because it is like life itself!

You will fall in love with Enzo, a charming dog who shares a passion for car racing with his owner. Of course, prepare the tissues because you will not be able to prevent a tear from escaping.

2. Marley And Me

Another of everyone's favorite dog movies is Marley and me, the story of a naughty puppy that will steal your heart. Guaranteed fun allows us to easily discover why dogs become part of the family. However, handkerchiefs are also recommended in this case.

3. Turner And Hooch

We should mention this classic with Tom Hanks that will delight the little ones in the house. While it is not a deep story, it will provide fun for everyone.

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4. Beethoven

Another classic that does not go out of style. If you didn't see it, what are you waiting for?

It's one of those movies that all generations love because who could be incapable of falling in love with that huge Saint Bernard with a giant heart?

5. Lady And The Tramp

This Disney movie was released in 1955. However, the little ones still like it! And it's easy to understand why: both Lady and Trump tell a story of love and friendship that crosses generations. On the other hand, have you seen the gestures of these cartoons?

Nowadays, you can also watch the new Disney dog film portraying this story, but with real dogs!

6. Frankenwinnie

How can we forget the endearing and strange dog from Tim Burton's film? After the death of his dog, a boy brings him back to life using magical science. Despite all the trouble this can cause, rest assured: it will have a happy ending.

7. Bolt

Disney stepped into the shoes of an actor dog who thinks he is a superhero. This cute animated film tells of true friendship and love during endless adventures.

8. A Dog's Purpose

Who has never wondered what the purpose of dogs is? The truth is that through various deaths (some devastating), we will learn about the different relationships that we establish with dogs, and perhaps we will be able to answer the question about what the purpose of a dog is.

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9. A Dog’s Journey

After the previous strong story, we wanted to include a comedy. Would you like to know what your dog thinks? Here you can do it. Laughter is guaranteed, as well as some tears, but the end is hopeful.

10. K-9

This old movie deserves a place in our dog movies selection. Michael Dooley is a very temperamental police detective investigating drug dealers. To help him, his new companion is Jerry Lee, a German shepherd dog. After many interdiction and problems between the two, a lifelong friendship will be forged between them. Endearing.

These are some of the best dog movies for a dog lover. Take advantage of the weekend to enjoy them as a family, with your dog by your side.


Best dog movies ever

What Movie Has A Dog In It?

Lots of movies have a dog in them. Think of Disney movies: Lady and the Tramp, Bolt, 101 Dalmatians, and The Fox and the Hound are a few examples. Tim Burton has also created a story with a dog as the protagonist: Frankenwinnie. But that is not all. There are thousands of movies with dogs: Lassie, A Chihuahua in Beverly Hills, Pets, Must Love Dogs, As good as it gets, White Fang, Hotel for dogs... We'd get tired of mentioning them all!

What Is The Saddest Dog Movie? 

Although the answer to this question is very personal, thousands of people agree that Hachi: a dog's tale is one of the saddest dog movies in history. Perhaps these have to do with the fact that he recreates a cruel true story on the big screen.

Who Is The World's Most Famous Dog?

One might think that the most famous dog in the world has been the protagonist of a dog movie. Maybe Pluto, Beethoven, Scooby Doo or Pongo from 101 Dalmatians? But no, the most famous dog in the world is Laika, the dog that was sent into space and sacrificed after receiving her last poisoned meal, since there was no chance of bringing her back to Earth alive.

Why Do I Cry When A Dog Dies In A Movie? 

The truth is that we have no idea why you cry when a dog dies in a movie, but it happens to us too. If we think about it, it may be related to the loss of a furry friend in the past or simply because we know that they are better than us and deserve to live forever. 


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