5 Questions About The Products You Need For A Dog's Bath

5 Questions About The Products You Need For A Dog's Bath

If you have a new member of the family, and you are thinking of giving him his first bath, you cannot miss our post: we analyze which are the products you need for a dog's bath.

The options on the market are multiple, and it is sometimes difficult to determine which are necessary and which are optional.

On the other hand, is it really important to opt for products for dogs or can we use products for humans? Find below all the answers to your questions about the products you need for a dog's bath.

What Products Do I Need For A Dog's Bath?

Let's start with the must-have items for your furry friend to feel like he went to a spa and look like he came off the cover of a canine magazine.

To bathe your puppy you need:

  1. Special dog shampoo
  2. Special dog conditioner, especially if your dog has long hair.
  3. 2 washcloths just for your dog
  4. A towel just for your dog use
  5. A good brush,
  6. A canine (or human) hairdryer

If you plan to bathe your dog in the garden, you will also need a tub according to your dog's size.

At Give a Sh!t, we make high-quality products that can go 100% back to nature!

On the other hand, it could be nice to have a supply bucket, as it will allow you to keep all of your dog's toilet supplies organized and with easy access. It is also ideal for preparing shampoo and conditioner with a little water for use.

Another product that might be interesting to have is a plastic hair trap to prevent your friend's hair from going down the drain and ultimately clogging it. Finally, you may be interested in having a long sprayer that allows you to rinse your dog easily.

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5 Common Questions About A Dog's Bath

Now that we have seen all the items you need to bathe your dog, you are probably wondering if they are really necessary and how to choose them. Can't I bathe my dog ​​with dish soap or human shampoo? We give you all the answers. 

1. How Should I Choose The products For My Dog's Bath?

When buying hygiene products for your dog, the most important thing is that they are safe for him. Therefore, it confirms that they have been made for dogs and dermatological tested.

Especially when talking about shampoo and conditioner, you must buy a quality one, even if it is more expensive.

If, also, you can opt for an eco-friendly one, much better! After all, our goal is to reduce the use of plastics in the home.

If your puppy has long hair, choose a specific shampoo. Some include detangler and save you from buying a conditioner separately.

On the other hand, short-haired dogs often need nourishing shampoos.

Pay attention, too, to your puppy's fur. It is dry? Well then, opt for a moisturizing shampoo. For all this, you can consult with your trusted vet.

Last but not least, pay attention to your dog's reaction to the shampoo. If you don't like it, it may sting you or even dislike the aroma. Pay attention to him!

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2. Can I Use Dish Soap To Wash My Dog?

Even though many people claim to use it to bathe their dogs and claim that it does "nothing wrong" to them, do not use dish soap to wash your dog's hair.

We know that the American Kennel Club includes dish soap in their homemade shampoo for dogs, but have you ever wondered what to bring that soap? Mainly degreaser.

While it is good to remove excess oil from the coat, your dog needs certain levels of oil in his skin to avoid getting sick. For this reason, the Risius Family Veterinary clinic maintains that "bathing in dish soap often leads to a skin infection."

Better safe than sorry: buy a shampoo adapted to your dog.

3. Can I Wash My Dog With Human Shampoo?

Can I use human shampoo on my dog?

This is another of the most common doubts and the answer is also no.

We know that your shampoo is great and that it leaves you a wonderful hair, but your pH (actually, human pH) is different than canine pH. Therefore, if you use your shampoo on your dog, it can cause irritations, even if you dilute it with water.

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4. Can I Use Epsom Salt On Dogs?

We finally get to give you a positive answer: of course you can use Epsom salts on your dog.

These salts have been shown to have many benefits for humans and also for our canine friends.

The specialized website PetMD points out that its use is highly recommended as a remedy for simple wounds and swellings.

5. Can I Put Perfume On My Dog?

In this case, the ideal would be that you opt for a perfume for dogs and not use yours to perfume your friend.

There are many dog ​​perfumes on the market, and you can even try essential oils.

Have we answered your questions? Now that you know the answer to the most common 5 questions about the products you need for a dog's bath, you can enjoy your puppy bath... and he can too!




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