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Meet Risette

Risette has a message for you - "Thank you for supporting Soi Dog Foundation, because of them & you, I have a life worth living"

Want to know more about me? Here's My Story... 

"At nine months of age, I was just a young wee street dog in Thailand. Life was hard and got even harder when I was hit by a car, doing considerable damage to my still-growing body. One of my front legs was fractured, and I was unable to stand.

Fortunately, a kind person contacted Soi Dog who took me in and gave me the urgent treatment I needed. For a while, I had a plate in my leg to fix the fracture, but that’s been removed now that I’m fully grown and recovered. 

I am so blessed to have been saved by Soi Dog Foundation and now be ready for my fur-ever home 🧡" 


- French for “a friendly little smile” 

Tail wagging triumphs -


Homeless & Fighting


Smiling & Thriving


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