Why adopt a dog and not buy one?

Why adopt a dog and not buy one?

Much is said about how important it is to adopt a dog or a cat rather than buy one, but why? Basically, there are several related sustainability reasons and we will address them one by one below. But before doing so, we must analyze the current situation.

The situation of cats and dogs today

Why adopt a dog and not buy one?

While it is true that there are millions of homes throughout the world where dogs and cats become part of a family and are loved and cared for until it is their time to leave this world, there are also millions who are abandoned every year.

Let's take the data for the United States. Although there are no official statistics, some organizations such as ASPCA have produced their own information.

An estimated 6.5 million companion animals enter shelters in the United States each year. Approximately 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats. An atrocity! And the ones that stay on the streets are subjected to the cold and the hunger and all kinds of humiliations. In addition, they procreate and increase that way the general problem.

However, we must accept that these numbers of abandon animals are decreasing thanks to the awareness of dog owners. You're one of them. Each one of us contributes our bit to promote that each year, fewer animals are looking for a home.

Adopting is a sustainable option

Do you know that dogs and cats that enter the system are put up for adoption, and if a family is not willing to take care of them, they are euthanized?

Each year, around 3,2 million shelter animals are adopted, but 1,5 million are euthanized. These numbers, although they have decreased, continue to be very high and make our hearts ache.

What if instead of buying a dog or a cat in a pet store, we gave a home to those who are waiting for it? By adopting, you would be saving two lives: the one of the adopted animal and the one of the animal that is exploited to procreate. Yes, because it is also necessary to assess that breed animals are used to procreate continuously and discarded when their body can no longer bear the "work". Thus, they also end in the shelters.

The same happens to the puppies that do not meet the standards of the breed. Unfortunately, many people use dogs, cats, or other pets as an accessory, a
way to show their status, or that they are cool. This causes the hatchery industry to specialize in a certain breed in the quest to make money, in some cases
regardless of the breeding conditions.

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Adopting breaks the vicious cycle created by dog breeders. It avoids the overpopulation of animals, protects the rights of the animals by avoiding the dire conditions of procreation and reduces the entry of animals in the shelters. Do you need more reasons to adopt?

The best 6 reasons to adopt

Why adopt a dog and not buy one?

Next time, don't hesitate and adopt. Why? Simply because:

- You do not support animal exploitation.
- You contribute to reducing unnecessary canine or cat reproduction.
- You give a home to a furry friend in need.
- You show empathy towards your bystanders.
- You help reduce the number of animals that enter the shelters and, therefore, save the lives of one, two, or more animals.
- You got a faithful friend for life.

Adopting is the most sustainable option in the short, medium and long term. Without doubt, it is the way to go if we want to change the world.

Fight alongside us for better living conditions for our furry friends. Be encouraged to raise your voice to defend animals rights.

Let's join forces to achieve a greener, more respectful world, with less plastic and with more empathy. Are you willing to join this battle?

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