How to make your dog smell good without a bath

How to make your dog smell good without a bath

It sounds like science fiction, but we assure you that it is possible. Of course, your furry friend should take a bath regularly. However, keep in mind that bathing too often could damage the essential oils in their fur. Therefore, you can't miss these ideas on how to make your dog smell good without a bath.

How to make your dog smell good without a bath

How to make your dog smell good without a bath

Playing outside and getting dirty is healthy for your dog (and for you too 😉). However, the buildup of dirt can make your furry friend not smell too good. But don't worry, there are some easy tricks to keep your dog fresh in between bathing. Are you ready?

Lemon Water

Who doesn't love the fresh lemon scent? Put water to heat and submerge a lemon cut into thin slices inside. Bring it to a boil and turn off the water. Cover the pot and let it infuse overnight.

The next day, store the lemon water in a spray bottle and spray your dog with it. You will see how good it will smell and how its coat will shine!

Note: If a surface of the mixture remains on your skin, brush to remove it.

Coconut oil

A coconut oil massage sounds good, right? Grab some organic coconut oil in your hands and run it over your four-legged friend's fur. The result? Goodbye, bad smells.

How to make your dog smell good without a bath

Apple cider vinegar and water

If you mix 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle, you can spray the mixture on your puppy and help eliminate bad smells.

Don't forget to blot up the excess liquid with a cotton towel. And of course, if any irritation appears, discontinue use.

Baking soda

Did you ever hear that baking soda is perfect for cleaning? This doesn't just refer to kitchen or bathroom surfaces, but your puppy's hair as well.

Put baking soda on your dog's hair and then brush as you normally do. Baking soda will make the bad smell disappear as if by magic.

Cleansing wipes

It is a trick that many mothers use with their children (yes, it must be said) that you can use for your dog.

Use some (better if they are ecological and non-toxic) to refresh your dog's skin. He and your nose will appreciate it.

Brush your dog

Regular brushing helps to remove the dirt that generates stinky odors, so you know: brush your dog!

Wash your dog's bed

Another problem that generates bad smells is that your dog sleeps in a bed that smells bad. Don't forget to wash it regularly!

No-rinse dog shampoo

In the market, you can get shampoos that do not need rinsing (better if you are looking for eco-friendly options), although the natural sprays that we have mentioned above quietly replace this option.

Are you still wondering "how to make your dog smell good without a bath"? Surely you have already found some tips that will be of great use to you. Put them into practice!




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