How To Stop Destructive Behavior Dogs: Bye Bye With These 8 Tips!

8 tips to stop destructive chewing

Updated on March 15, 2023

Is your pup's destructive chewing turning your home into a warzone of half-eaten shoes and shredded pillows? Fear not, fellow dog parent! It's time to put an end to the carnage and teach your furry friend some better manners. Learn how to stop destructive behavior in dogs and save your belongings from becoming chew toys with these handy tips. No more feathers in the living room or tooth marks on your favorite chair!

      How To Stop Destructive Chewing?

      What happens to your dog? Can any of the reasons mentioned above be associated with what your puppy is experiencing? Once you know what causes this behavior, it's time to stop destructive chewing.


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      1. A Dog-Proof House 🏠

      You know how when a baby starts crawling, parents go all out to baby-proof their home? Well, guess what? Your furry baby needs the same treatment, especially if they have a penchant for destructive behavior!

      So, before you bring home your four-legged bundle of joy, take a good look around your home and identify potential hazards. Are there loose books, cozy blankets, or fluffy cushions lying around? Well, get ready to bid them adieu or stash them away in high shelves or closets.

      And if you're wondering how to protect your precious furniture, fear not! There are plenty of options available in the market to coat your couches and chairs and keep them scratch-free.

      But that's not all. You also need to be mindful of those pesky cables that your pooch might mistake for chew toys. Not only can this lead to damaged appliances, but it can also be hazardous to your furry friend's health.

      So, there you have it, folks. A little bit of dog-proofing can go a long way in preventing destructive behavior and keeping your home safe and sound.

      2. Buy Dog ​​Toys 🥎

      We all know our furry friends have an insatiable appetite for fun and games. And what better way to satisfy their playful cravings than by showering them with doggy toys!

      Now, we're not saying that this will stop them from getting their teeth into your favorite pair of shoes, but it will give you the chance to teach them what's off-limits.

      But hold your horses, folks! Not all toys are created equal. While plushies may look cute and cuddly, they can easily become a choking hazard if your pooch tears them apart. So, opt for indestructible toys that can withstand even the most intense playtime sessions.

      So, go ahead and treat your furry best friend to some pawsome toys that will keep them entertained for hours on end!

      3. A Frozen Washcloth For Dogs That Are Cutting Teeth 🦷

      If your fur baby is whimpering in pain from swollen gums, we've got a nifty little trick up our sleeves that will have them feeling like a million bones in no time!

      All you have to do is take a clean washcloth, wet it, and pop it in the freezer until it's frozen solid. The chilly goodness will help reduce inflammation and provide some much-needed relief to your pooch's aching gums. You can also buy a cool chewing toy for teething puppies.

      But, let's not forget, when it comes to your pup's health, it's always best to consult with your trusted vet. They can provide you with medication options that will help ease your furry friend's discomfort and have them wagging their tail in no time.

      So, there you have it, folks. A cool and easy way to soothe your pup's painful gums, because let's face it, a happy dog means a happy life!

      4. Dog Training 🐶

      If you want to prevent your furry friend from transforming your favorite pair of shoes into a chew toy, while also keeping them safe and sound, there's one crucial thing you need to do - supervise them like a hawk!

      That's right, folks. Until your furry pal is fully trained, you need to keep a watchful eye on them at all times. That means ensuring they're in a dog-proofed area when you're not home, and staying in the same room as them when you are.

      But don't worry, it's not all doom and gloom. Think of it as an opportunity to bond with your furry buddy and show them some love and attention. Who knows, you might even catch them doing something adorable that will melt your heart!

      So, there you have it, folks. Keep a close eye on your furry friend, and not only will you avoid destructive chewing, but you'll also enjoy some quality time with your fur baby. Win-win!

      5. Go For A Walk With Your Dog Every Day 🐕‍🦺

      We all know that physical activity is the key to a happy and healthy life, and our furry friends are no exception! That's right, folks. Your four-legged buddy needs to get up and move to keep destructive behavior at bay.

      A bored and frustrated dog can easily turn to chewing up your couch cushions to relieve their stress. So, what's the solution? Get 'em moving!

      Make it a priority to take your furry pal out for multiple walks throughout the day. And if you're out and about, why not find a doggy daycare where they can frolic around in the great outdoors and get their daily dose of exercise?

      By keeping your pup active and engaged, you'll not only prevent unwanted destruction, but you'll also have a happy and healthy furry friend by your side. Now, who wouldn't want that?

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      6. The Use Of NO 🚫

      It's time to teach your furry friend some manners and let them know who's boss! That's right, folks, it's time for them to understand the meaning of NO.

      If you catch your fur baby chewing up your favorite pair of sneakers, don't panic. Simply remove the object and firmly say NO. But don't leave them hanging! Offer them a new toy to chew on instead. When they start gnawing on their designated chew toy, give them some praise and let them know they're doing a good job.

      It's important to be consistent with your furry friend and use the NO command whenever necessary. But don't forget to give them some positive reinforcement when they're behaving well. That's the key to success, folks!

      So, there you have it. Teach your pup some manners, give them a new chew toy, and remember to praise them for good behavior. And who knows, with a little training, your furry friend might just become the most well-behaved pup on the block!

      7. Products To Avoid Destructive Chewing 👩‍⚕️

      Consult with your vet about using an aversive spray on objects that your dog just can't resist. This spray is designed to give an unpleasant taste to objects, making your dog less likely to chew on them.

      So, if your furry pal starts to gnaw on your favorite pair of sandals, don't fret! The aversive spray will leave a nasty taste in their mouth, and they'll quickly learn that it's not worth the effort.

      But as with any training method, make sure to consult with your vet before using an aversive spray. They'll be able to recommend the best spray for your pup and ensure that it's used correctly.

      By using an aversive spray, you'll not only save your favorite shoes, but you'll also keep your furry friend safe from choking on unwanted objects. So, what are you waiting for? Spray away, and enjoy a chew-free home!

      8. Do Not Punish 💚

      No matter what your dog broke, avoid punishing him. Punishment will only increase your furry friend's stress level and may even push him to do more damage.


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      Why Does My Dog Chew (And Break) Everything?

      The first step to stop destructive chewing is to understand the reasons for this behavior. That is to say, understand the motivation that generates your four-legged friend chewing things until they destroy them.

      Let's look at some possibilities together:

      • Puppies are like babies: they know the world through their mouths. In other words, they lick and bite everything they find in their path.
      • A puppy may resort to destructive chewing as a way to relieve teething pain.
      • Some dogs chew on things to relieve anxiety and stress. It is a very usual behavior in dogs that have a craving for separation.
      • If your dog is not trained, he may not know that biting and breaking objects is wrong.

      So don't despair, dear dog parents! With these tips on how to stop destructive behavior in dogs, you can put an end to the chaos and reclaim your household from the jaws of destruction.

      Remember to treat your pup with love and patience as you work on modifying their behavior. And keep in mind that with consistency and perseverance, you'll soon see the end of destructive chewing and the beginning of a more harmonious relationship with your furry friend.


      How to stop destructive chewing in dogs

      How Do You Break A Dog From Destructive Behavior?

      The best 8 tips to break a dog from destructive behavior are:

      1. A dog-proof house.
      2. Dog toys.
      3. Frozen washcloth.
      4. Dog training.
      5. Every day's walks.
      6. Use of NO.
      7. Aversive sprays.
      8. Do not punish. 

      How Do You Fix Destructive Dog Chewing?

      To fix destructive dog chewing:

      • Provide your dog with plenty of appropriate chew toys to play with.
      • Supervise your dog at all times, especially during the training period, to ensure that they only chew on appropriate items.
      • When you catch your dog chewing on something inappropriate, say "no" firmly and redirect them to an appropriate chew toy.
      • Consider using aversive sprays or bitter-tasting deterrents on objects that your dog is drawn to chew on.
      • Give your dog plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation to help alleviate boredom and frustration that may lead to destructive chewing.
      • Make sure your dog has access to enough food, water, and shelter, as destructive chewing may be a sign of stress or anxiety.
      • Consider seeking the help of a professional dog trainer or behaviorist if the destructive chewing behavior persists despite your efforts.

      How Do I Punish A Dog Who Keeps Chewing Up Everything?

      Don't get mad, get even! Punishing your dog won't fix the problem and may make things worse. Instead, try to identify the underlying cause of the destructive chewing behavior. Use positive reinforcement to accompany your pup and help him redirect his attention to other games.




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