How To Teach Your Puppy Not To Jump Up At People

How to teach your puppy not to jump up at people

Updated on August 8. 2022

Dog jumping is usual. Our puppies jump for all kinds of reasons. In the end, jumping is a way to demonstrate excitement or call for attention. But how to teach your puppy not to jump up at people?

Teaching your dog not to jump on people is something you should do when he is young. Yes, we know: a puppy jumping with excitement is cute, but do you think the same of an adult dog? Probably not. And less if your dog is a Great Dane or a Saint Bernard. Do not worry; we share with you the best tips to teach your puppy not to jump on people.

FAQ: How Do I Train My Dog Not To Jump On Visitors?

To stop your dog from jumping on visitors, you should:

🙈 Ignore the behavior.
🐶 Train your dog.
🐕 Keep your dog away from visitors.
🫰 Use a cue.
🍭 Give rewards.
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    Our Best 5 Tips To Teach Your Puppy Not To Jump Up At People explained

    The first thing to understand is that this behavior is normal. All puppies do it! However, it is crucial to correct it as soon as possible. After all, your puppy is like a baby, and you must teach him to behave, of course always with love, respect, and a lot of patience!

    Without a doubt, puppy training is vital so that he learns to behave, and your friends feel relaxed in your house. Let's see together the best tips from the ultimate guide to teaching a puppy not to jump up on people.

    1. Avoid Reinforcing The Behavior You Want To Eradicate

    Keep in mind that if your dog seeks attention when jumping, and you give it to him even when it is in the form of a scream, he has achieved what he wanted! Then? Experts argue that ignoring the behavior, theoretically, would be the best way to get your furry friend to get bored and stop doing it.

    While this may be true, it is a long process and one that can be very frustrating (and your puppy too). Therefore, at Give a Sh!t we recommend teaching him what he should do, instead of correcting negative behavior.

    2. Use Your Training Cue

    If you have already trained your dog, and you have a cue to tell him to go to his bed or to his designated place, use it when your house bell rings.

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    3. Keep Your Puppy From Getting Close To Newcomers

    Another way to control the behavior you want to eliminate is to prevent it from happening until your dog is trained. To do this, do not let your furry friend approach newcomers until he is in a state of calm.

    Don't take him with you to open the door. Leave him in the garden or in another room until he regains his peace of mind.

    4. Use Rewards

    Leave a toy or treat near the front door of your home and when visitors arrive. Just use it to reward the behavior you want.

    5. Create Special Cues

    When you are walking your dog, avoid greeting people on the street whenever possible. If you must, use a cue and a reward to prevent him from jumping on the person you encountered.

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    How To Teach Your Puppy To Sit And Greet Someone

    Tips to teach your dog not to jump up on people

    Are you one of those people who dream of having your puppy say hello, sitting down and pawing? If so, follow these dog training tips.

    Note: this workout should be done after leash training.

    1. Put your dog on a leash and tie him to a safe place, like a doorknob.
    2. Stand several meters away from him and ask your dog to sit down.
    3. If he does, come over and say hello to him. If he stays seated, reward him; it can be a caress or a small treat.
    4. If he gets up and starts jumping, get away from him and ask him to sit down again.
    5. Once your puppy has mastered this exercise, you can try it on another person. Ask a friend or family member to repeat the entire procedure.
    6. When your dog is able to sit in front of different people, try repeating the exercise off the leash.
    7. Ready! After several unsuccessful attempts, your four-legged friend will know that he must remain seated to greet whoever enters the home.

    Remember that it is very important that you reinforce the behavior with congratulations and caresses.

    Of course, you can also teach him to give a paw, but that training tip is for another post.

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      How To Teach My Puppy To Say Hello Without Jumping

      Another option is to eliminate the "jumping" factor, but without requiring your puppy to remain seated. The four legs on the ground are more than enough. In this case, follow these steps:

      1. Put your puppy on a leash.
      2. Ask a family member or friend to come over to say hello, while you keep your dog firmly on the leash.
      3. Before the person reaches you, drop several pieces of treat on the ground.
      4. While your dog is eating, the person can greet you both.
      5. Ask the person to take a few steps away after greeting you.
      6. If your dog has not jumped, congratulate him and repeat the operation.
      7. After several attempts, try to make sure the person does not move away and continue talking closer to you.
      8. If your dog does not jump, congratulate him and reward him with petting or another treat.
      9. If you see your dog getting ready to jump, throw a treat on the ground to distract him. The trick to this technique is the use of a distraction.
      10. If your puppy jumps before you can use the trick, ask your helper to move away and start training again.

      Have you learned how to teach your puppy not to jump up at people? Remember that it is a long process, for which you must be patient. Soon, your furry friend will greet people without jumping.


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