Best 6 Advanced Dog Tricks To Teach At Home

Best Advanced Dog Tricks To Teach At Home

Updated on January 3, 2024

Ladies, gentlemen, and four-legged friends, welcome to the grand stage of Advanced Dog Tricks! Gone are the days of mere 'sit' and 'stay' – we’re diving into the big leagues now, where the tricks are cooler, the bonding is deeper, and your pup’s brain gets a workout that would make a canine Einstein proud.

So, why should you and your Fido embark on this journey of advanced trickery? Picture this: Your dog, not just a pet, but a partner in crime, showcasing skills that would make other dog owners green with envy. We're talking about a range of tricks that aren't just fun party stunts, but are a full-on mental gymnastics session for your pooch. Imagine the tail-wagging excitement as they master each new challenge!

Why Teach Advanced Dog Tricks?

Check out these 4 arguments that will convince you to start training your dog today!

1. Mental Gym For Your Pooch  🏋️

Just like us, dogs need their daily dose of brain exercises. Advanced tricks keep their minds sharp, agile, and ready for anything. It's like Sudoku for dogs, but way more fun and with treats involved.

2. The Ultimate Bonding Experience  💕

Teaching your dog these nifty tricks is like learning a secret handshake with your best friend. It's a bonding journey, filled with laughs, maybe a few facepalms, and loads of high-fives (or high-paws!).

3. Obedience Level  🙇

As your dog graduates from the basics to more complex tricks, watch their obedience and agility soar to new heights. You'll have a dog that not only listens but performs with the flair of a seasoned circus performer.

4. Showstopper Skills

Let’s be real – having a dog that can do more than just the regular 'fetch' is pretty awesome. You'll be the talk of the town (or at least the dog park) with your dog’s impressive repertoire.

So, are you ready to turn your beloved pooch into a veritable Houndini of tricks? Let’s jump into the exciting world of advanced dog tricks, where every day is a new adventure, and every trick is a paw-step towards greatness.

6 Advanced Dog Tricks To Teach At Home

Once your dog has passed the learning of the easy dog ​​tricks that we presented before, it is time to start the training of the advanced dog tricks.

  1. Teach your dog to kiss 💋
  2. Teach your dog to roll over 🐕
  3. Teach your dog to bow 🐶
  4. Teach your dog to dance 🪩
  5. Teach your dog to lay down 🐩
  6. Teach your dog to play dead 🔫

Before the Curtain Rises: The Must-Know Basics

Hold your horses (or should we say, dogs?)! Before we leap into the world of advanced dog tricks, let's make sure we've got the basics down pat. Consider this the pre-show warm-up, the foundation upon which all those show-stopping tricks will be built. It's like learning to crawl before you moonwalk!

1. Sit, Stay, Win!

Before your pooch can become the next canine virtuoso, mastering the classic 'sit' and 'stay' is a must. These are more than just party tricks; they're the bread and butter of dog obedience. Think of 'sit' as the "please" and 'stay' as the "thank you" in the doggy world.

2. The Graceful "Come"

When you say "come," your dog should trot back to you as if there's an invisible string pulling them. It's the dog equivalent of hitting the recall button – essential for safety and incredibly handy when you're late for your evening walk.

3. The Art of "Down"

Getting your dog to lie down on command is not just a cool trick; it’s a building block for more complex tricks like rolling over or playing dead. Plus, it's a great way to calm an overexcited pup in public.

4. The Polite "Leave It"

"Leave it" is like teaching your dog self-control at a Jedi level. It’s crucial for those moments when they fixate on something they shouldn’t, like the suspicious-looking sausage at the park.

5. The Classic "Heel"

"Heel" is all about teaching your dog to walk like a gentleman or lady by your side, sans the pulling and the unexpected squirrel chases. It’s a game-changer for peaceful, enjoyable walks.

Once your four-legged friend has these basics in their trick arsenal, they're ready to graduate to the big leagues – advanced dog tricks! Think of these basic commands as the stepping stones to a world where your dog not only follows commands but also becomes a canine prodigy, dazzling everyone with their intellect and charm.

Ready to turn the page? Let's jump into the exciting realm of advanced dog tricks, where every command is a doorway to a new and thrilling adventure!

Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog Step-By-Step

To teach dog tricks, you have to have treats, time, and a lot of patience. Each may take your dog a week or even longer, especially if they are advanced tricks or if he is already an adult dog. Sooner or later, he will make it. Accompany him on this path with love.

1. Teach Your Dog To Kiss

Do you like to receive kisses from your best friend? Well then, let's get to work so that your dog learns to give kisses on cue.

How To Teach A Dog To Kiss Step-By-Step

  1. Capture the behavior. Associate the "kiss" cue to the action. Wait for your dog to kiss you, then say the cue. You can even make a kiss sound.
  2. Have treats to reward your dog when he kisses you.
  3. You don't need to prompt the behavior: wait for it to happen and reward your puppy.
  4. Repeat the "kiss" cue or sound when your dog kisses you, so he begins associating it with the desired behavior.
  5. After several days of awards after a kiss, try vocalizing the "kiss" cue and sound.
  6. If your dog kisses you, reward him.
  7. Repeat until this dog trick is mastered, and then surprise your friends.

2. Teach Your Dog To Lay Down

Although it may seem hard to believe, "lay down" is one of the advanced tricks. This submissive position can be quite complex to teach.

How To Teach Your Dog To Lay Down Step-By-Step

  1. Place a treat inside your hand and close it.
  2. Bring your hand close to your dog's muzzle.
  3. When your pup sniffs it, wave your hand toward the ground.
  4. Move your hand along the floor so that your body follows the movement of your head.
  5. Say the command: "lay down."
  6. If he lies down, say "great" and reward.
  7. If he doesn't, you can gently press down on his body to invite him to lie down as you give the command.
  8. Praise and reward.
  9. Repeat until you succeed.

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3. Teach Your Dog To Roll Over

Roll over is a trick that often amuses dogs and humans alike. It's not complex, but it depends on the cue down. If your dog doesn't know down yet, you should start there before moving on to this dog trick.

How To Teach A Dog To Roll Over, Step-By-Step

  1. Say the "down" cue.
  2. Kneel down next to your dog and show him a treat.
  3. Move your hand to the side, so your pup is lying on his side.
  4. Now move your hand with the treat to the other side to entice your dog to roll over.
  5. Move the treat back and forth for your furry friend to complete the dog trick, while repeating the "roll over" cue.
  6. Repeat until your dog can perform this trick just by hearing the cue.
  7. Reward.

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4. Teach Your Dog To Bow

Bow is one of the nicest advanced dog tricks you can teach your dog. You will leave everyone with their mouths open!

How To Teach Your Dog To Bow Step-By-Step

  1. Show your dog a treat, but don't let him take it.
  2. Lower the hand with the treat to the ground while saying "bow".
  3. If your dog follows the motion and bows, praise and reward.
  4. If your dog doesn't follow through, repeat steps 1 through 3 until he does.
  5. Once your dog follows the movement of the treat to the ground, modify the location of your hand with the treat. Show the treat and lower your hand between his legs.
  6. If your dog bend his front paws, praise and reward.
  7. Repeat until your dog understands this part.
  8. Now it's time for the icing on the cake: say the cue and see if your dog bows. If so, reward. If not, use a treat again to repeat the previous steps until your puppy can do the dog trick following your instructions.

5. Teach Your Dog To Dance Today

Teaching your dog to dance can be an incredible opportunity to enjoy good music together. Pick your favorite song, and let's work this dog trick!

How To Teach Your Dog To Dance Step-By-Step

  1. Ask your dog to sit.
  2. Show your pup a treat out of his reach.
  3. Raise your hand with the treat. Your dog will reach up to get the reward.
  4. Reward if your dog stands.
  5. Hold the treat even higher, so your pup fully stretches until he is standing on two legs.
  6. Reward.
  7. Repeat step 5 but this time, wait longer before rewarding. Your dog will be dancing!

6. Teach Your Dog To Play Dead

The last of the advanced dog tricks to teach your dog that we will see today is play dead! This one is a funny one, especially if you have children at home who want to play cowboys and Indians with their puppy.

How To Teach Your Dog To Play Dead, Step-By-Step

  1. Say the command "down".
  2. Show your dog a treat close to his nose, but without letting him take it.
  3. Move your hand to the side to get him to lie on his side and reward.
  4. Repeat the operation, saying the cue "play dead". If your dog executes the command, treat it.
  5. You can add a gun hand signal to make the dog trick even cooler.

Taking A Bow: Your Journey To Dog Trick Stardom

And that's a wrap! We've navigated the exciting world of advanced dog tricks, turning your furry friend into a bona fide trickster extraordinaire. Beyond the cool tricks and impressive party stunts, it's the laughter, bonding, and shared achievements that truly make this journey special.

Remember, each trick learned is not just a feat for your pup but a testament to your teamwork and dedication. Whether it's a heartwarming kiss or a dramatic play dead, these moments create memories that last a lifetime.

So, as we close the curtains on our advanced dog tricks showcase, take pride in how far you and your four-legged companion have come. Keep the treats ready, the patience strong, and the love overflowing. Here's to many more tail wags, happy dances, and triumphant high-paws on your ongoing adventure in dog training!

Bravo to you and your sensational canine! 🌟🐾🎉


Best Advanced Dog Tricks To Teach At Home

What Is The Coolest Trick A Dog Can Do?

There are many dog tricks that can be considered among the coolest dog tricks. We highlight:

  • Play dead.
  • Open and Close a Door.
  • Play soccer.
  • Play Hide & Seek.
  • Sing.
  • Go to bed.
  • Say your prayers.
  • Command.
  • Spin.

How Many Words Can A Dog Recognize?

Specialists maintain that a dog understands around 165 words. Of course, some puppies can learn even more, even understanding 250 words. So now you know: your dog can learn many commands!

What Is The Best Age To Teach A Dog Tricks?

You can start training your dog from an early age. From two months, your puppy has the ability to learn dog tricks. Of course, you should begin with easy dog tricks and increase the difficulty over time. Each dog trick requires at least a week of training.

Can You Still Train A 1-Year-Old Dog?

Of course, it is possible to train a one-year-old dog and even older dogs. Can your grandfather learn new things? Sure, it will take him a little longer, but that doesn't mean he can't do it. The same goes for your dog. He has the ability to learn, although he may need more patience and understanding. Be nice to him, show him your love and help him learn different dog tricks.


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