Holidays With Dogs: 9 Tips For A Dog-Friendly Holiday

Holidays With Dogs: 8 Tips For A Dog-Friendly Holiday

Updated on February 8, 2023

Are you planning a getaway with your pup this summer? Does the thought of holidays with dogs bring a smile to your face? Don't let that precious face fool you - holidays with pooches can be tricky if you don't do it right. That's why we've gathered all the best tips for dog-friendly holidays, so you can enjoy a stress-free getaway with your furry friend. Keep reading to learn how you can ensure holidays with dogs will be smooth sailing!

From booking dog-friendly accommodation to having adequate supplies, these 7 tips for a dog-friendly holiday will make sure your pup is just as relaxed and happy as the rest of you on vacation. So buckle up and let's take off - holidays are calling!

9 Tips For a Tail-Wagging Holidays With Dogs

The maximum advice we can give you is PLAN! It seems crazy just to say it because we all just want to have room for spontaneity, but when you travel with a furry friend, just like when you do with children, it is important to organize and plan everything correctly.

Do you want to discover step by step how to prepare a dog-friendly holiday?


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1. Take Into Account Your Dog's Needs And Location

First, pay attention to your dog's needs. Although some places claim that they "accept dogs" this means that animals are welcome but not always that they will be at home.

In many places, in hotels, for example, your dog will not be able to accompany you to the restaurant, and you will be expected to have breakfast in the room since your furry friend will not be able to stay alone in it.

Do some research and make sure that the location is not only a dream for you, but also for your dog. So you will both have a great time.

Ask the hotel or rental agency if they have any restrictions on pet size or number of pets allowed. This way you won’t be caught off guard at check-in and left scrambling for an alternate location.

2. Visit The Vet

Before traveling with your four-legged friend, it is recommended that you visit the vet to check his health, make sure your pup is up-to-date on all their vaccinations, and also, be aware of any health risks that may exist in your destination area and take adequate precautions prior to.

If your dog gets dizzy in the car, perhaps you could ask your trusted veterinarian if it is necessary to give him some medication in this regard ... the same if you plan to travel by plane.

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3. Think About What Kind Of Vacation You Want

One of the most important things you should do before embarking on holidays with dogs is to think about what kind of vacation you want and if it's suitable for your pup. Some places may not be dog-friendly, or the environment may be too hot or cold for them. 

It is not the same to stay camping as in a hotel or rent an apartment. Once you've made sure that your destination is suitable for dogs, then it's time to move on to the next step!

4. Find Things To Do Together

Holidays with dogs don’t have to be all about lounging around the pool - you can also find activities that are fun for both you and your pup!

Take a look at what local attractions offer pet-friendly options, or explore somewhere new. If you plan ahead and pack some toys, treats, and other accessories, you can make sure your pooch is well cared for while you explore.

Just remember to always stick together - holidays should be spent in the company of our furry friends!

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5. Pay Attention To The Fine Print

Before sending the deposit, take the time to read the accommodation conditions. Among the things that you should verify, the following stand out:

  • Is there a daily charge for dogs?
  • Does the daily charge vary according to the size of the dog?
  • How many dogs can you take with you?
  • Are there restricted areas for dogs?
  • Are there areas specially designed for dogs?
  • Do you provide dog beds? And how about dog bowls and dog food?
  • Is there a place where you can wash your dog's paws before entering the accommodation?
  • Do they provide dog towels?
  • Can you leave your dog unattended for some hours (to go to a non-dog-friendly attraction, for example)?
  • Do they offer an outdoor place where you can allow your dog to run freely?

6. Pack A First Aid Kit

Accidents happen when we least expect them. Therefore, you must have a first aid kit for your dog (and for you too). Did you know that a cute bandana that fits so well on your puppy can help you contain a hemorrhage?

In addition, you should find out which is the closest veterinarian to the place where you will stay, what are his hours, and where he can take your puppy in case of emergency.

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7. Have Adequate Supplies

Take your essentials with you, such as your dog's favorite treats or your favorite compostable leak-proof dog poop bags (from Give to Sh! T, of course).

A blanket or an old t-shirt of yours can be a good addition for your dog to feel accompanied during the trip and smell the home if at any time you must leave him alone for a moment.

8. Stay In Shape

If you want holidays with dogs to be a success, it's important to make sure your pup is fit and healthy. Make sure your pooch gets plenty of exercise - both before and during the holidays!

Take them out for a long walk or two each day, give them interactive toys to play with, and find fun activities that will keep them entertained.

Regular exercise will help keep their energy levels up for all those exciting vacation adventures. And don't forget about yourself too - holidays are an excellent opportunity to bond with your furry friend while getting some much-needed fresh air and exercise!

9. Plan Ahead For Meals

When travelling with your pup, it's important to plan ahead. Think about where you'll be eating and if that restaurant or café is pet-friendly. If not, make sure you have enough food for your pooch throughout the trip.

You'll also want to make sure you bring along any medications or supplements needed for mealtime - if your pup has a special diet, remember to pack those treats!

Finally, don't forget the water bowl - staying hydrated is key during holidays with dogs! 

So, there you have it: 9 tips for a dog-friendly holiday. With our advice, you and your pup will be ready to take off this summer!

Just remember that holidays with dogs can involve a bit more planning than holidays without – but the effort is worth it when you get to share a special adventure with your furry friend.

Enjoy the holidays!


7 tips for a dog-friendly holiday

Do I Need To Take Extra Supplies When Enjoying Holidays With Dogs?

Yes, you should always make sure to bring along plenty of water and food for your pup, as well as a few toys and treats. It’s also important to have necessary items like poop bags, leashes, and collars if needed.

Are There Any Restrictions On Holidays With Dogs?

Most places will have some sort of pet policy in place for holidays. Be sure to check with the accommodation provider before booking so that you know what rules must be followed. Some policies may include noise restrictions or size limits on pets, so it’s best to double-check beforehand.

What If My Dog Isn’t Well-Behaved?

If you’re worried about your dog’s behavior, there are a few things you can do to help them stay calm and relaxed while on holidays. Try bringing along their favorite toy or blanket, and consider getting them a calming collar that emits a soothing scent. With a little preparation, holidays with dogs can be enjoyable for everyone involved!

How Can I Settle My Dog On Holiday?

Settling your dog on holidays can be a tricky task, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. First, make sure your pup is up-to-date with their vaccinations and that they are comfortable being around other people and animals. It might also help to give them familiar items like blankets or toys from home, so they feel more at ease in the new environment. Finally, try not to leave your dog alone for too long - holidays should be spent together!

Are There Any Other Tips For Holidays With Dogs?

Yes! Always make sure to research the local area before you go, so that you know what’s available. You can also look into pet-sitting services if you plan on spending time away from your pup – it will give them a chance to explore and have fun without you having to worry about their safety. Finally, don’t forget to take lots of photos - holidays with dogs are always worth capturing!



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