4 Ways To Relieve Stress With Your Dog

4 ways to reduce stress with your dog

Updated on January 5, 2024

We live in a fast-paced world. We run from one place to another, we do not stop. Not only that, but we are always looking at the mobile, consulting the computer. We are never just relaxed, enjoying the moment. Quite the opposite of our dogs. Do you want to discover 5 ways to relieve stress with your dog?

How To Reduce Stress With Your Dog

You need to disconnect. The hyper-connection that we live in today generates stress levels never before seen in history. Why? One of the causes is that we cannot stop working. Having the email configured on the mobile can be practical, but it also prevents us from forgetting about office problems for a while.

In addition, there are social networks and all that it entails: people who want to show their perfect lives ... and the stress that this generates.

Our advice? Seek to look like your dog. Forget your mobile, turn off the computer and connect with your most animal part. You will have fun!

Our Top 4 Ways To Reduce Stress With Your Dog

You are probably wondering in what ways you can reduce stress with your dog, and below we will give you 4 ways to achieve it while spending quality time with your furry friend.

Keep in mind that your four-legged friend enjoys the little things in his daily life, and that is precisely his secret to be (almost) always happy and smiling when you return home.

1. Connect With Nature

Go for a walk with your dog. If you carry your mobile, promise to leave it in your pocket and forget about it. Put it on silent and don't consult it until you get home.

Contemplate your surroundings. Go to an area with grass and take off your shoes. Let your feet feel the grass on the skin, get wet, get dirty ... That connection with nature will help you relieve stress.

Take a ball or a stick and play with your dog. Forget the world, all your worries, and live that moment.

2. Enjoy Today To Relieve Stress

For once, don't think about tomorrow. Don't worry about clothes getting dirty if you sit on the grass, or your puppy's muddy paws and how he leans them against you.

Focus on your today, tomorrow you will have time to run again and worry again. Clear your mind, breathe and ENJOY.

3. Focus On Your Senses

Put your mind on hold for a while and focus all your attention on your senses. You can cook with your dog. How about preparing a special meal for him that he can share with you?

A good option is homemade fruit ice cream.

To do this:

  • Mix natural unsweetened yogurt with fruits.
  • Pass everything through and, if you wish, add a teaspoon of honey.
  • Put everything in the freezer and after an hour and a half, you will have a healthy and scrumptious human and dog-friendly ice cream.

Check out: Easy Dog Cake Recipe Step By Step

4. A Petting Session

Our last of the 4 proposals to relieve stress with your dog is to let yourself be carried away by love.

Nothing reduces stress more than a petting session. Focus on the moment, pet your puppy, go to his eyes full of love and that crooked smile (yes, we still think that dogs smile. Read everything in our article about it).

Updated Insights On Reducing Stress With Your Dog (2024)

As we continue to navigate a world that's ever-evolving, the bond between humans and their dogs becomes increasingly significant for mental well-being. Recent studies have continued to affirm the positive impact dogs have on reducing stress levels in their owners. Here’s what the latest research says:

1. Emerging Trends in Pet-Assisted Therapy

The field of pet-assisted therapy has seen remarkable advancements. Therapists are now incorporating dogs more frequently in sessions, especially for clients dealing with anxiety and PTSD. The presence of a dog can create a sense of calm and safety, facilitating more effective therapy sessions.


  • European Journal of Integrative Medicine
  • Counseling Today 
  • 2. The Role Of Dogs In Remote Work Environments

    With the rise of remote work, dogs have become indispensable companions for many home-office workers. A 2021 study found that having a pet in the home office significantly lowers stress and improves job satisfaction.

    3. Physical Activity and Stress Relief

    Recent guidelines from health authorities emphasize the role of physical activity in stress management.

    Regular walks with your dog not only provide essential exercise but also help in reducing cortisol levels, the body's primary stress hormone.

    4. Social Connection In A Digital World

    As we become more engrossed in digital technology, dogs play a crucial role in enhancing real-world social connections. Walking your dog in the park or attending dog-friendly events can lead to interactions and community building, which is vital for mental health.

    As we update our strategies to relieve stress in these modern times, the role of dogs remains undeniably powerful. They're not just pets; they are therapists, exercise partners, and sources of unconditional love.


    How To Reduce Stress With Your Dog 

    Can Dogs Help You Relieve Stress?

    Spending quality time with your dog can help relieve stress. In fact, a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health indicates that spending time with dogs has helped university students lower stress levels during exam times. 

    Check out the full study.

    What Pet Is Best For Anxiety?

    In general, animals are good at lowering stress levels. Perhaps the best animal to relieve stress is the dog. Why? Simply because one of the best ways to lower stress levels is to practice physical exercise, and having a dog in the family will force you to exercise regularly on walks with your furry companion.

    Are Dog Owners Happier?

    The available scientific information is found. Some studies indicate that people with pets are happier while others have indicated that, for example, Americans without animals are happier on average than those with pets. Our opinion? Everything depends on the person because each human being is a world.

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