November 13, 2019

The world is dying! What a statement, but something it's not too hard to feel when you see the quantity of pictures showing animals dead from polluted waters, beaches laden with waste and piles of trash the size of Texas floating around in the pacific ocean. Unfortunately the human race has become to good at creating and hasn't spent enough focus on deconstructing. Deconstructing that is in a way that is symbiotic with nature. We've hit a fulcrum point. We've driven down the dead end street of over consumption and its too late to back out. It's scary, but I don't believe we are entirely doomed.
Of course it's our individual responsibility to do better as consumers. To choose products that are better for the environment, to minimise our use of plastic, to fix things that are broken instead of buying a cheap new one thats come from China, but on our own or even as a collective we can't do it by ourselves.
It's the time for the dawn of a new age, an age in which businesses need to and are becoming more environmentally and socially responsible. The age of corporate responsibility!
This new standard of business needs to be done by looking at the entire life cycle of a product including its impact when it reaches its final destination. And we are seeing these businesses sprouting up everywhere. It gives me chills seeing a company create a six pack holder that instead of strangling turtles actually feeds them. Or a type of packaging that break down in to a highly nutrient dense compost for your at home garden.
circular economy
Sure as consumers its our job to do all those things I mentioned before, but it's also our job to demand this new set of ethical values and standards. So keep doing what you're
doing, back those businesses that are trying to make a change and don't touch the ones that are trying to take this planet away from us.
Rock on guys!
Curtis Hacon

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